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Express Manicure        $12
Express Pedicure        $14
Express Mani + Pedi        $25
Classic Manicure        $25
Classic  Pedicure        $35
Classic Mani + Pedi        $58
French Manicure        $35
French Pedicure        $40
Gelish Manicure        $50
Gelish Pedicure        $60
Soak off / Buff off Nails    $12 / $20
Nail Art      $3 – $5
3D Nail Art   $8 onwards

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is a wonderful way of preparing a woman for childbirth helping her to feel comfortable with her changing body. It will not only combat tension and fatigue in pregnancy, but will also soothe and reassure a woman in labour. That is why it is very common today to see more pregnant ladies go for the pre natal massage.
  • Stress relief on weight-bearing joints (ankles, neck, lower back and pelvis)
  • Reduces swelling in hands and feet by increasing blood and lymph circulation
  • Emotional support through nurturing touch to the expectant mother
  • Improves delivery and reduces labor pain- muscles are prepared for use during childbirth
  • Helps relaxation and beats insomnia
  • Improves mother’s sleep and reduce depression
  • Assists in maintaining proper posture
  • Helps to regulate blood pressure
  • Eliminates lactic acid and enhance circulatory and lymphatic systems
Recommended After The 2nd Trimester (5 months onwards)
Ttherapeutic bodywork specifically tailored for the expectant mother’s needs as her body goes through changes. This massage enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves circulation and general body tone, as well as relieves mental and physical fatigue.
Note of caution: There is no known association of increase chances of miscarriage due to massage. Any medical conditions such as low placenta or spotting, skin problem etc kindly advise to seek proper medical consultation prior to having the massage. It is, however, not recommended for expectant mothers in their first trimester.


For Appointment, please contact: 6356 6623 /9228 6372

Jamu Post Natal Massage

New mothers tend to feel physically and mentally tired due to stress of delivery either thru normal delivery or C-section. Massage eases stresses that come from a new mother’s rapid transition from a pregnant body to the body after birth. Most mothers would experience back ache and soreness. It is also very important for the wind in the stomach to be removed using the correct massage techniques. Not doing so could lead to the tummy looking permanently bloated. Through post natal massage, the vital energy that is lost during labor is replenished.

Benefits of Post Natal Massage
• Improves circulation throughout the body
• Reduce the post-partum swelling that many women experience
• Proper stretching of tight, sore muscles, easing muscular tension
• Reduce the appearance of stretch marks due to pregnancy
• Pushes up the uterus and help uterus to shrink to original size
(For normal delivery only)
• Hasten the reduction of fluid retention, wind and spasm
• Reduce cellulite and help to tone up the body
• Relaxation
• Reduces migraines and headaches

• Reduce post natal depression

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Ganggang –

Vaginal Spa (Include Sarong)

Ganggang is a traditional vaginal treatment where one has to sit on a chair with a hole in the seat while a bowl of Javanese aroma Scent is burned or steam underneath. The smoke that wafts up into the vagina will then stimulate and disinfect the region. This treatment helps to reduce excessive vaginal discharge, eliminating unpleasant smell and help to fragrant the sensitive area.

Herbal Ball Therapy

Herbal Ball therapy is specially formulated as a traditional treatment for post-natal mother. It acts like a hot stone massage, except that it is a lot more easier and beneficial. It contains several herbs that have been used for centuries to give a sense of wellbeing to the post-natal mothers. The herbal ball is specially handmade, packed and free from any chemical.

This therapy helps to improves blood circulation, expels winds, detoxifies impurities, relieve muscle spasm, speed up the contraction process of womb and cleansing of dirty blood clots, relieve muscular, tendon tensions and re-energizes body

Hot Pebbles

The volcanic stone properties help to re-balance the body of yin and yang. With it spicy scent, it is also recommended for aching muscles, post sport, post delivery, sprain and improve blood circulation.

Our Pricing

For Appointment, please contact: 6296 7198

Wrap Treatment

BOREH ♥♥♥ (NEW)                                     30 mins @ $45
Boreh is a made of a concoction of various spices,herbs and coffee which helps to detoxify the whole body by expelling the toxins, improve blood circulation and reduce muscle or joint aching. This treatment is good to be done if someone encounter body aching, recovering from flu or cough or rheumatism.
GINGER WRAP ♥♥♥                                      30 mins @ $40
Ginger helps to draw excessive ‘wind’ out from the body, relieves muscle aches, stimulate blood circulation and leaves a heating sensation on the skin. This wrap is recommended to be done immediately after the whole body massage when the pores are open which helps the ginger juice treatment to seep thru the open pores. This treatment is suitable for someone who has just given birth or encounter tummy bloatedness or wind in the tummy.
TREATMENT WRAP ♥♥♥                               60 mins @ $65
This wrap helps to reduce weight through a herbal steam bath to reduce water retention and fats, followed by a tummy massage and completed with a bengkong wrap to shrink the tummy.
& REFRESHING WRAP                                30 mins @ $50
Containing rich natural herbal essence as well as vitamin E, this wrap helps to renew skin, expel skin toxins, relieve blocked pores, dredge pores, accelerate blood circulation, promote the penetration and absorption of nutrients, enhance cell regeneration, makes skin smoother, reduce wrinkles, even skin tone and enhance skin elasticity.

RELIEVING WRAP                                      30 mins @ $50
This contains hyaluronidase, penetrable hyrolised protein and natural moisturizing elements. It nourishes and moisturizes skin, enhance skin cells with good regeneration and regulation ability. It also replenishes various nutrients to the fiber tissue in deep layers, provide hydration and stimulate tired cells, diminish wrinkles, improve skin resistance to aging of skin cells.
SLIMMING & ELASTICITY WRAP               30 mins @ $50
This wrap expels skin toxins, activate ferment, help nutrition to penetrate into epidermis, accelerate metabolism, eliminate excessive fat and effectively slim the body.
HONEY & YOGHURT WRAP ♥♥♥                  30 mins @ $65
Moisturise and pamper your skin. Rich in minerals with deep cleansing and softening effect against skin ageing by toning, hydrating and stimulating body tissue.

Body Treatment


Lymphatic massage is a massage technique that is designed to stimulate the lymph’s circulation in order to speed up the removal of waste from the body.  It is helpful for the nervous system as it reduces sympathetic nervous activity, allows para-sympathetic activity, stimulates the defenses of the immune system, and increases the flow and volume of the lymph fluid.  The technique involves the use of gentle but add a bit of Javanese stroke, rhythmic strokes and pumping movements towards the direction of the lymph nodes on the body.

Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

The benefits of lymphatic massage include:

  • improving circulation, in turn increasing the metabolic rate
  • helping with weight loss
  • reducing fluid retention
  • eliminating toxins, thus aiding detoxification
  • reducing cellulite fat in the body
  • improving immunity
  • helping with sinus congestion and allergies
  • hormonal imbalances

Body Scrub

JAVANESE BODY SCRUB                           30 mins @ $40
A great way to smoother, cleaner and glowing skin. Natural extracts such as dead-sea salt, peach, green tea and bengkuang are used to help rid the body of rough patches through exfoliation.
JASMINE BODY SCRUB                             30 mins @ $40
Contains several kinds of minerals and nutrients essential for the body’s needs with a combination of herbal and natural plants. With essential oils for skin absorption, it also closes and tighten pores for slimming purposes.

LEMON BODY SCRUB                                 30 mins @ $40
This scrub is made of (what else!) lemons and a combination of herbal and natural plants extracts to nurture the body’s needs. With added essential oils, this scrub also whitens skin and leaves it feeling oh-so-smooth.

MILK BODY SCRUB ♥♥♥                              30 mins @ $40
A luxurious body scrub that contains a multitude of enriching minerals and nutrients, with a combination of herbs, natural plants, milk and essential oils to smoothen skin. Rich in vitamin C to enhance the skin appearance.

ROSE BODY SCRUB ♥♥♥                             30 mins @ $40

For those who love the romanticism of roses, this is the scrub that will leave you feeling all fuzzy and loved!LAVENDER BODY SCRUB ♥♥♥                     30 mins @ $40
It’s lavender. Do we have to say more? Relax and revive with yet another one of our favourites.